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Way Forward Off-Site Freelance Work

Happy Feet Two DS/3DS - Videogame Animations

This is a collection of some of my favorite work done for "Happy Feet Two" for the Nintendo DS and 3DS as an off-site contract animator for WayForward Technologies. The game is a sidescroller, so all animations were created from that perspective. Modeling, texturing and rigging provided by WayForward Technologies.

Centipede: Infestation - Videogame Animations

Alpha Centipede Animations

A collection of animations for the Alpha Centipede Boss, involving coordination of many legs in every movement. Modeling, texturing and rigging provided by WayForward Technologies.

Giant Beetle Animations

Another boss creature where I was tasked with the attacks, hits and deaths. Modeling, texturing and rigging provided by WayForward Technologies.

"Fist Full of Wontons"

"Fist Full of Wontons" was an unreleased Indie 3D sidescroller with a small group of independent creators. I was character animator and character designer, and also backup character modeler. The premise was that the main character, Wonton, was a great warrior who was shrunk down to being a teenager and used his wontons as projectiles in combination with Wushu martial arts to go find the scroll to restore him to his former self. Project unfortunately never panned out.

Wonton — Videogame Animations

Wonton was a very interesting character to animate, since a lot of his moves had to be incredibly fast while also showing impact. For his loin cloth I devised a method of using bone chains on a CV curve for easier and more dynamic control. I was responsible for animation, texturing and rigging. Base model by Caleb Rightnowar.

First Boss — Videogame Animations

The first boss is a massive guy, with Wonton only managing to stand as tall as his crotch. As such, the method of defeating Chew was to throw a wonton at his crotch and cause him to fall, followed by using his giant legs of meat as a platform to bash on his head while he was disoriented for a few seconds. I was responsible for animation, texturing and rigging. Base model by Caleb Rightnowar.

Female Vagabond — Videogame Animations

For each villain was a 'Vagabond' thug to accompany them in the various levels. One villain had female vagabonds armed with ladles as bludgeoning weapons. As a joke we all agreed to make her comedically run in heels and then when she was bashing you with her attacks you're given a false sense of safety. This time I was responsible for her entire creation of the character.

Male Vagabond — Videogame Animations

Here was a more lethal Vagabond thug for a later villain. He could throw knives, jump from windows into the battle, and could come armed with a butcher knife or a longer sword. Since he was so dangerous and would flood the screen with others like him, we kept him down longer after being knocked to the ground. Once again this time I was responsible for his entire creation of the character.

Other Personal Projects

This section is for older animations from school work and personal projects that I still am rather happy with for various reasons. They're not representative of my current animation ability, but I still am proud of having accomplished them, and they're still pretty fun.

Gaelstrom — Videogame Animations/Scene

I created this project based off of a character I designed in an attempt to practice character interaction and come up with fun dance-like sword moves against an opponent. The cape was animated all in FK as another practice after Chivalry (below).

Lipsync — Animated Scene

This was an exercise in Maya to model and animate to get used to the interface and its capabilities while working on lip sync. Source audio is from the movie PCU.

Chivalry — Animated Scene

This final project from college required a single character animation, so I decided to go a bit further and do 2-character interaction, telling a story without voice. I explored many different techniques at the time to figure out cloth and facial animation, ultimately working with morphers and FK chains. Backgrounds were meant to be done, but in true college fashion I overestimated what I could accomplish with 6 classes and a thesis. I'm proud I managed to get two characters animated at my then-current skill level in the time I was given.